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Recreating Existing plans

Typically required when the Client does not have plans of the property & structures within.


Field measuring existing property and structures to recreate existing floor plans, roof plans, exterior elevations.

- This is usually the first step in most remodel / addition projects, having existing plans helps to determine existing structural members, and guides the design / addition process due to the complexity and budget of the project.

Floor Plan Design / space planning

Design plans for interior remodels / additions.

working 1 on 1 with clients to provide space planning concepts based on building code requirements.


This Process typically includes Roof Plan design  and Exterior Elevations of the proposed addition, interior remodels often do not include Exterior Elevations since the new floor plan layout is within the existing footpint of the structure.

3D Digital Models / Renderings
Construction Documents

Creating and coordinating Construction Documents (CD's) for Single family homes / High rise Condominiums and  Commercial remodels, additions and tenant improvements.


- Construction Documents are prepared for review by Home

   Owner's Associations where applicable

- Building Department Submittal for plan check and permitting

- To assist contractors in providing a realistic bid and to serve as

   a road map for building the project.


This service includes coordination with structural engineer, plumbing engineer, mechanical engineer and other professional services as required by the Building code submittal process and the complexity of the project.

A 3D digital model is a visual aid for many clients to better understand his/her project, and is often required by many Home Owner's Associations as part of an Architectural review sumittal package.

- This service is optional / but might be required as stated above, or when requested by the client.

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